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Hynde knows how to work the crowd like a true pro as the jacket comes off to reveal a simple black T-shirt emblazoned with Northern Soul – Newcastle , before the hits start coming thick and fast with Message of Love and Talk of the Town.

A realm that was never diplomatically recognized by any state, is the Kingdom of Araucanía and Patagonia , a short-lived attempt at establishing a constitutional monarchy during the 19th Century. It claimed the far southern stretches of South America where the native Mapuche were fighting to maintain their sovereignty against the advancing Argentine and Chilean forces. In 1860, the Frenchman Orélie-Antoine de Tounens convinced the Mapuche chiefs that they would be better served in negotiations with the surrounding powers by a European leader, and he was elected "king" over a loosely governed confederation of tribes. [34] The proclaimed kingdom never exercised more than a marginal de facto sovereignty over a small area in present-day Chile, around a Mapuche town or tent camp called Perquenco . The efforts by Tounens to gain international recognition prompted an invasion by Chile , worried by the possibility of the establishment of a French protectorate in Araucanía. The Chilean invasion resulted in Tounens' capture and deportation. The last pretender was Jean-Michel Parasiliti di Para , since January 9, 2014 to December 16, 2017.

 · The Pretenders were one of the seminal bands of the second British Invasion, rising out of London in 1979 with a forceful, self-titled first album. Their ...

Pretenders, The - Now & ThenPretenders, The - Now & ThenPretenders, The - Now & ThenPretenders, The - Now & Then